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Stocks With Heavy Insider Selling
Last Updated: Sat Jun 22 2024 • 11:08
Should you be holding a stock where insiders have lost confidence?
What's New:
  • A much talked about mega cap enters the list
Performance so Far:
  • One very popular stock down -25% since we alerted here. Selling still on-going.
  • PLAY fell -25% during selling period. Exited the report.
12 Stocks With Heavy Insider Buying
Last Updated: Sat Jun 22 2024 • 10:44
When company executives and major shareholders start buying their own stock, it's a signal you can't ignore.
What's new:
  • Added an expeditions company with some insider buying.
20 S&P500 Stocks Most Liked by Our Model
Last Updated: Fri Jun 21 2024 • 16:08
Stocks marked Very Cheap by Grufity Fair Value model have outperformed S&P 500 in past three years.
Multi-Baggers: 5 Stocks That Could Return 3X in 2 Years
Last Updated: Wed Jun 12 2024 • 17:45
We dig through thousands of stocks to identify those that have the maximum potential to provide multifold returns in next 2 years.
What's new:
Added: A new hyper growth stock was introduced this week.
Performance so Far:
  • Carvana: Already 3Xed and graduated out.
  • One high growth stock already up +35% since introduction.
  • One brand that is getting popular internationally. Stock up +70% since we added.
Stocks That Funds are Ditching
Last Updated: Thu May 30 2024 • 11:06
Are you holding stocks that funds are selling?
What's new:
Added: Three new stocks with heavy selling. Removed ENPH as funds selling is largely over.
Performance so Far:
ENPH: Enphase fell -40% since funds started selling.
5 New Stocks Capturing Fund Manager Attention Right Now
Last Updated: Thu May 30 2024 • 8:41
Where is the Big Money Going? Unveiling Fund Manager Favorite Stocks. A great way to find future portfolio stars is to find new hot favorites for funds
What's new:
Added: A stock that is seeing huge interest from funds. Took two stocks out of the list as funds seem to be done buying.
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