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Study Hedge Funds You Want to Shadow

Even the best Hedge Fund managers analyze Fund Holdings of other managers

Popular Funds
Top performing investment portfolios on market.

    • Renaissance Tech (Jim Simons)
      Berkshire Hathaway (Buffet & Munger)
      Point72 (Steve Cohen, SAC)
      AQR Capital (Cliff Asness)
      Carl Icahn
      Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
      Lone Pine Capital
      Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co
      Baupost (Seth Klarman)
      Pershing Square (Bill Ackman)
      Elliot Investment (Paul Singer)
      Bridgewater (Ray dalio)
      Appaloosa (David Tepper)
      Oaktree (Howard Marks)
      Duquesne Family Office (Druckenmiller)
      Carlyle Group
      Soros Fund (George Soros)
      Gluskin Sheff
      ARK Investments (Cathie Wood)

The stock market is a vast ocean and navigating it is not easy.
However, there are lighthouses to guide you – the informed decisions of professional fund managers.
These experts manage billions of dollars and dedicate their careers to researching and identifying promising investments.

Wouldn't you want to know which stocks are catching their eye?

    • Studying the stock holdings of popular fund managers has many benefits:
    • – You gain valuable perspective on the market and potential growth sectors.
      – You discover hidden gems that haven't yet reached their full potential and are unknown to broader market.
      – Shadown investing alongside experienced fund managers can help create a well-rounded portfolio.
Why go it alone? Let the wisdom of fund managers be your guide.
Grufity covers all hedge funds big or small.
Their holding are kept updated and quick visual analysis is provided for all stocks in the portfolio.
Save days of research by browsing through your favorite funds