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Investing should be a joyous experience. Just the exploration of stocks is a thrilling journey. You get an adrenalin rush when you find a high money-maker stock overlooked by the herd.
We want to bring that joy to you. So, leave the ground level, time-consuming work to us while you focus on where to best put your money.
Grufity has been built by the right mix of finance and technology experts. The team has deep finance experience from the biggest US fund and hedge funds, technology guru from big e-commerce company, excellent big data handlers, data visualization expertise and expert front-end engineers.
We came together to build a powerful investment research platform for an investor we deeply care for – the retail investor.
An investor who doesn't have three analysts working for him to do all the grunt work and present ideas like a hedge fund manager. Someone who would have to spend days digging documents and websites to gather complete information on one stock.
Grufity is your backend analyst team. It saves you many man-days of tedious grunt work so that you can make quality investment decisions. We are digging and presenting all the information for you. It greatly increases the speed with which you can browse various stocks, easily see-through bull shit and identify gems.
The main edge one investor has over the other in markets can be summarized as follows:
More Time – If one investor can spend several more hours researching for a stock (or hire people who can do for him) than he will have a better rate of success than others.
More Information – If one investor has more and timely information than the rivals, then his investment accuracy will be better and time to act will be shorter.
Better Analysis – If one investor can assimilate information on knowledge better and faster, then he has a definite edge in the market.
Grufity provides a solid edge to our clients on all three accounts. This edge improves our clients' investment choices and, most importantly, saves them from bad investments.
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