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Use the Data Explorer to search for data series under Stocks and Macro (US Economy)

Enter the company name, financial metric or macro to see related data series and charts.


Stocks: "Apple" or "AAPL", "Apple Revenue" or "Apple Rev" or "AAPL Rev", "AAPL China Rev", "MSFT Cash Equivalents" or "MSFT Casheq", "Tesla Debt", etc.

Financial Metrics: "Revenue" or "Rev", "Net Income" or "Netinc", "Assets", "Earnings before Savings" or "EBS", etc.

US Economy: "Gross Domestic Product" or "GDP", "Gross National Product" or "GNP", "Total Farms Payroll", "1-year Treasury rate", "Personal Consumption Expenditures" or "PCE" etc.

Commonly used Short forms:


Trailing Twelve MonthsTTM
Net IncomeNETINC
Cost of RevenueCOSTREV
Earnings Before TaxesEBT
Shareholder's EquitySEQ
Cash and Cash EquivalentsCASHEQ
Accounts PayableACCP
Accounts ReceivablesACCR
Cashflow From OperationsCFOPER
Cashflow From Financing ActivitiesCFFIN
Cashflow From Investing ActivitiesCFINV


Gross Domestic ProductGDP
Durable GoodsDUR
Personal Consumption ExpendituresPCE

Quick Search with Series Codes

A Series Code is a short code that uniquely identifies a data series. They can be used instead of full text to make search faster and can be easily used in formulas and charts. Series code formats broadly differ according to Stocks and US Economy.

Series codes – Stocks:

The code is usually of the format "Ticker", followed by a dot (".") to retrieve specific financial metrics or information related to that ticker.
Search interestSeries code
Apple RevenueAAPL.REV
The underscore ("_") is used to determine the type of calculation. Other possible calculations are "_PCT" (Percentage Change)
Search interestSeries code
Apple's revenue on a Trailing Twelve Months basisAAPL.REV_TTM

A few more examples for stocks:

Search TextSeries code
AAPL iPhone Revenue Trailing Twelve MonthsAAPL.REV.IPHON_TTM
MSFT Operating Income Trailing Twelve MonthsMSFT.PROFIT.OPER_TTM
WMT Accounts PayableWMT.ACCP.CUR
FB Cash EquivalentsFB.CASHEQ
TSLA Cashflow From Operations Trailing Twelve MonthsTSLA.CFOPER_TTM
IBM Stockholders EquityIBM.SEQ

Series codes – Macro:

"USMACRO" followed by a dot (".") to retrieve specific macroeconomic indicatorsThe underscore ("_") is used to determine the type of time period calculation. Other possible calculations are "_M" (Monthly)
Search interestSeries code
Real Personal Consumption Expenditures (Annual Rate)USMACRO.REALPCE_A
"USRATES" followed by a dot (".") to retrieve specific interest rates
Search interestSeries code
1-year Treasury RateUSRATES.TSY.1Y
"CURRENCY" followed by a dot (".") to retrieve currency indices and exchange rates
Search interestSeries code

A few more examples for macro:

Search TextSeries code
Gross Domestic ProductUSMACRO.REALGDP
Personal Consumption Expenditures Durable GoodsUSMACRO.REALPCE.GOODS.DUR
2-Year Treasury Constant Maturity RateUSRATES.TSY.CMT.2Y
3-Year Swap Rate USRATES.SWAPS.3Y
Australian Dollar to US DollarCURRENCY.AUDUSD