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Latest SherpaCapital, LLC Stock Portfolio


Equity Portfolio Value
Last Reported on: 14 Feb, 2024

About SherpaCapital, LLC and it’s 13F Hedge Fund Stock Holdings

In it's latest 13F Holdings report, ACME, LLC reported an equity portfolio of $77.2 Millions as of 30 Sep, 2023.

The top stock holdings of ACME, LLC are IONQ, PET, DKNG. The fund has invested 49.7% of it's portfolio in IONQ, INC. and 17.7% of portfolio in WAG! GROUP, INC.

The fund managers got completely rid off ROVER GROUP, INC. (ROVR) stocks. The fund showed a lot of confidence in some stocks as they added substantially to ASTRA SPACE, INC. (ASTR).

New Buys

No new stocks were added by SherpaCapital, LLC


No additions were made to existing positions by SherpaCapital, LLC


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SherpaCapital, LLC reduced stake in above stock

Sold off

None of the stocks were completely sold off by SherpaCapital, LLC

Current Stock Holdings of SherpaCapital, LLC

Last Reported on: 14 Feb, 2024
TickerNamesorted ascending% PortfolioShares Held$ ValueType% ChangeOptions
ASTRASTRA SPACE, INC.6.751,882,5804,292,290UNCHANGED0.00
DIDIYDIDI GLOBAL, INC.11.091,785,7107,053,540UNCHANGED0.00
DKNGDRAFTKINGS INC8.48153,0935,396,530REDUCED-50.00
IONQIONQ, INC.50.262,580,30031,969,900UNCHANGED0.00
PETWAG! GROUP, INC.19.266,997,14012,252,000UNCHANGED0.00
CUE HEALTH, INC.3.9115,240,5002,484,210UNCHANGED0.00