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Real Personal Consmption Expenditure Growth

Personal Consumption Expenditures (PCE) Price Index is the primary measure of inflation used by the Fed. It is more reliable than CPI and includes a broader range of goods and services. Chart measures change in PCE, % YoY.
Real GDP

Real Disposable Income

Disposable Personal Income (DPI) is the income saved after deducting taxes. Chart displays % change in DPI, QoQ.
Real Disposable Income, % QoQ

Historical Trend

Historical quarterly trends of the chained dollar value of Personal Consumption Expenditures and Disposable Income.
Real Disposable Income, $ Chained
PCE, $ Chained

Real Consumption

Goods: Real GDP Contribution

Percentage contribution of Durable goods (electronics, automobiles, etc) and Non-durable goods (consumables) to the GDP.


Change in consumption of Durable goods and Non-durable goods, % QoQ.

Long Term Trend

Quarterly trends of the chained dollar value of Durable goods expenditure and Non-durable goods expenditure.

Retail Sales


Retail Sales computes the total sales of clothing, grocery, gas, motor vehicles, health care, etc in the US. Chart displays change in Retail Sales for that month, % YoY.
Total Retail Trade Sales, % YoY

Retail Trade and Food Places

Comparing percentage change in US Retail Sales excluding autos, with change in auto sales for that month.
Retail Sales excl. Auto, % YoY
Auto Sales, % YoY

Historical Retail Sales

Automobiles have a large impact on retail sales due to their high prices. Chart examines this impact by separating the auto sales component from total Retail Sales.
Retail Sales ex Auto, $
Auto Sales, $

Longer Trends

Savings Rate

Real GDP

Gas Sales

Gas Sales, $

Historical Online Vs Dept. Stores

Monthly trends in sales at online retail stores and general merchandise stores.
Department Store Sales
Online Sales