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US Treasury Yield Curve

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US Treasury Yield Curve

One Month Ago3.734.214.554.764.664.584.334.264.174.494.27
Year Ago0.

Analysing US Yield Curve Movement

Comparing today’s yield curve with the yields of the previous day and the previous week.

US Yield Curve a Week Ago

US Yield Curve a Day Ago

Inversion and Steepness of the Yield Curve

A normal yield curve slopes upward as the long-term treasury bonds or bonds with longer maturities typically yield higher returns due to higher risk associated with their investments. However, if investors are concerned about an economic downturn in the future, they rush to park their money in safer long-term bonds. At this point, yields start to fall and the spread between the long-term yields and the short-term yields becomes narrower. Steepness in the curve is observed during economic expansion, when the long-end is markedly higher than the short-end.

Historical 10-Year and 1-Year Treasury Rates

Inversion History (20Y - 3M Yields)