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Latest SIR Capital Management, L.P. Stock Portfolio


2024 Q1: 3.8%
3 Year: 45.67%

Performance for 2024 Q1 is 3.8% and the 3-year performance is 45.67%

About SIR Capital Management, L.P. and it’s 13F Hedge Fund Stock Holdings

In it's latest 13F Holdings report, SIR Capital Management, L.P. reported an equity portfolio of $993.2 Millions as of 31 Mar, 2024.

The top stock holdings of SIR Capital Management, L.P. are KMI, MRO, ERF. The fund has invested 5.1% of it's portfolio in KINDER MORGAN INC DEL and 5% of portfolio in MARATHON OIL CORP .

The fund managers got completely rid off PHILLIPS 66 (PSX), EOG RES INC (EOG) and HF SINCLAIR CORP (DINO) stocks. They significantly reduced their stock positions in EQT CORP (EQT), CHENIERE ENERGY INC (LNG) and AIR PRODS & CHEMS INC (APD). SIR Capital Management, L.P. opened new stock positions in CENOVUS ENERGY INC (CVE), COTERRA ENERGY INC (CTRA) and MARATHON PETE CORP (MPC). The fund showed a lot of confidence in some stocks as they added substantially to STEM INC (STEM), SUNRUN INC (RUN) and FLUENCE ENERGY INC (FLNC).
Equity Portfolio Value
Last Reported on: 15 May, 2024

Performance Estimate

Our best estimate is that SIR Capital Management, L.P. made a return of 3.8% in the last quarter. In trailing 12 months, it's portfolio return was 12.53%.

New Buys

Ticker$ Bought
cenovus energy inc 34,760,600
coterra energy inc 34,462,500
marathon pete corp 28,544,700
antero resources corp 26,255,900
lyondellbasell industries n 25,504,100
oneok inc new 24,484,600
viper energy inc 23,610,600
civitas resources inc 22,469,400

New stocks bought by SIR Capital Management, L.P.


Ticker% Inc.
stem inc 1,515
sunrun inc 1,450
fluence energy inc 565
sigma lithium corporation 166
halliburton co 132
montauk renewables inc 92.63
kinder morgan inc del 87.00
noble corp plc 82.3

Additions to existing portfolio by SIR Capital Management, L.P.


Ticker% Reduced
eqt corp -98.17
cheniere energy inc -96.82
air prods & chems inc -90.11
seadrill 2021 ltd -89.52
bloom energy corp -86.89
murphy oil corp -78.84
sm energy co -71.97
cabot corp -57.98

SIR Capital Management, L.P. reduced stake in above stock

Sold off

Ticker$ Sold
plug power inc-7,769,150
southwestern energy co-9,824,120
antero midstream corp-11,450,100
ugi corp new-21,145,900
crescent energy company-5,494,040
hf sinclair corp-21,977,900
aris water solutions inc-2,933,600
phillips 66-46,481,000

SIR Capital Management, L.P. got rid off the above stocks

Sector Distribution

SIR Capital Management, L.P. has about 60.6% of it's holdings in Energy sector.

Basic Materials4

Market Cap. Distribution

SIR Capital Management, L.P. has about 39.6% of it's portfolio invested in the large-cap and mega-cap stocks.


Stocks belong to which Index?

About 68.1% of the stocks held by SIR Capital Management, L.P. either belong to S&P 500 or RUSSELL 2000 index.

S&P 50034.1
RUSSELL 200034
Top 5 Winners%
mastec inc
31.2 %
permian resources corp
26.1 %
silverbow res inc
22.3 %
antero resources corp
21.0 %
targa res corp
20.8 %
Top 5 Winners$
targa res corp
8.7 M
marathon oil corp
7.2 M
permian resources corp
6.4 M
antero resources corp
4.6 M
marathon pete corp
4.5 M
Top 5 Losers%
montauk renewables inc
-46.3 %
clean energy fuels corp
-29.7 %
shoals technologies group in
-27.6 %
bloom energy corp
-24.1 %
stem inc
-23.9 %
Top 5 Losers$
shoals technologies group in
-9.6 M
array technologies inc
-4.2 M
air prods & chems inc
-3.6 M
eqt corp
-3.0 M
clean energy fuels corp
-3.0 M

Current Stock Holdings of SIR Capital Management, L.P.

SIR Capital Management, L.P. has 68 stocks in it's portfolio. About 36.6% of the portfolio is in top 10 stocks. SHLS proved to be the most loss making stock for the portfolio. TRGP was the most profitable stock for SIR Capital Management, L.P. last quarter.

Last Reported on: 15 May, 2024
TickerNamesorted ascending% PortfolioShares Held$ ValueType% ChangeOptions
ADMarcher daniels midland co0.000.000.00sold off-100
AESaes corp 1.58872,72215,647,900added47.08
AMantero midstream corp0.000.000.00sold off-100
APDair prods & chems inc 0.2711,2492,725,300reduced-90.11
ARantero resources corp 2.64905,37526,255,900new
ARISaris water solutions inc0.000.000.00sold off-100
ARRYarray technologies inc 2.711,802,43026,874,200reduced-12.83
BEbloom energy corp 0.0648,400544,016reduced-86.89
BGbunge global sa0.000.000.00sold off-100
BKRbaker hughes company 3.661,083,99036,313,700added61.45
BPbp plc 0.47122,6004,619,570added38.53
CBTcabot corp 0.1617,7631,637,750reduced-57.98
CCchemours co 1.04393,38110,330,200added4.29
CHKchesapeake energy corp0.000.000.00sold off-100
CIVIcivitas resources inc 2.26296,00022,469,400new
CLNEclean energy fuels corp 0.682,517,9306,748,050reduced-4.73
CPGcrescent pt energy corp1.291,561,40012,772,500added13.71
CRGYcrescent energy company0.000.000.00sold off-100
CTRAcoterra energy inc 3.471,236,10034,462,500new
CVEcenovus energy inc 3.501,738,90034,760,600new
DINOhf sinclair corp0.000.000.00sold off-100
DKdelek us hldgs inc new 1.98638,39919,624,400reduced-41.37
DOdiamond offshore drilling in1.411,029,62014,044,000added15.84
EEexcelerate energy inc 1.06655,64210,503,400added1.81
ENLCenlink midstream llc 2.601,892,67025,816,000added9.67
EOGeog res inc0.000.000.00sold off-100
EQTeqt corp 0.0720,200748,814reduced-98.17
ERFenerplus corp 4.712,380,10046,760,500added66.09
EVGOevgo inc 0.14541,8001,359,920new
FANGdiamondback energy inc0.000.000.00sold off-100
FLNCfluence energy inc 1.821,042,27018,073,000added565
FSLRfirst solar inc 1.5792,68515,645,200new
GPORgulfport energy corp 1.89117,04918,741,900reduced-25.89
GTLSchart inds inc 0.9255,7169,177,540reduced-19.57
HALhalliburton co 1.08273,20010,769,500added132
HESMhess midstream lp 0.36100,0003,613,000unchanged0.00
HLXhelix energy solutions grp i0.98898,5809,740,610added61.95
HPhelmerich & payne inc 0.2662,3002,620,340new
KMIkinder morgan inc del 5.112,768,41050,772,700added87.00
LNGcheniere energy inc 0.148,8001,419,260reduced-96.82
LYBlyondellbasell industries n 2.57249,35625,504,100new
MNTKmontauk renewables inc 0.07170,528709,396added92.63
MPCmarathon pete corp 2.87141,66128,544,700new
MROmarathon oil corp 5.031,762,17049,939,900reduced-18.71
MTDRmatador res co 1.29191,90012,813,200new
MTZmastec inc 1.00107,0889,985,960new
MURmurphy oil corp 0.4189,4004,085,580reduced-78.84
NEXTnextdecade corp 0.951,662,3109,441,920added73.93
NInisource inc 1.13404,50011,188,500new
NOGnorthern oil & gas inc 1.76439,98417,458,600reduced-36.36
NOVnov inc 0.99503,6009,830,270reduced-27.64
OKEoneok inc new 2.46305,40824,484,600new
OPALopal fuels inc 0.11220,1091,104,950added5.97
PBApembina pipeline corp2.03570,90020,151,100added38.7
PBFpbf energy inc 1.41242,65113,969,400new
PDSprecision drilling corp0.74108,4787,298,340reduced-48.73
PFHCprofrac hldg corp 0.991,175,6009,827,980new
PLUGplug power inc0.000.000.00sold off-100
PNMpnm res inc 0.80211,7007,968,390new
PRpermian resources corp 2.661,496,87026,434,700reduced-16.61
PSXphillips 660.000.000.00sold off-100
PTENpatterson-uti energy inc 2.071,723,41020,577,500reduced-28.78
PUMPpropetro hldg corp0.000.000.00sold off-100
RUNsunrun inc 2.061,555,88020,506,400added1,450
SBOWsilverbow res inc 0.66192,7006,578,780new
SGMLsigma lithium corporation 1.30998,76312,944,000added166
SHELshell plc 0.5886,4005,792,260added69.74
SHLSshoals technologies group in2.432,162,04024,171,700reduced-3.34
SLCAu s silica hldgs inc 1.361,092,43013,557,000new
SMsm energy co 0.94187,1009,326,940reduced-71.97
STEMstem inc 0.08369,700809,643added1,515
SWNsouthwestern energy co0.000.000.00sold off-100
TRGPtarga res corp 2.88255,05928,564,100reduced-46.65
TStenaris s a0.000.000.00sold off-100
TTEtotalenergies se 0.3753,6003,689,290added24.65
TTItetra technologies inc del 0.511,146,0505,076,980reduced-34.38
UGIugi corp new0.000.000.00sold off-100
VALvalaris ltd0.000.000.00sold off-100
VNOMviper energy inc 2.38613,90023,610,600new
XELxcel energy inc 0.3971,5003,843,120new
XPROexpro group holdings nv 0.29142,7732,851,180reduced-40.72
baytex energy corp 1.754,819,33017,433,600added5.71
noble corp plc 0.69140,6006,817,690added82.3
seadrill 2021 ltd 0.0713,733690,770reduced-89.52
nextracker inc0.000.000.00sold off-100