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Latest Ranger Investment Management, L.P. Stock Portfolio


2024 Q1: 8.02%
3 Year: 4.83%

Performance for 2024 Q1 is 8.02% and the 3-year performance is 4.83%

About Ranger Investment Management, L.P. and it’s 13F Hedge Fund Stock Holdings

In it's latest 13F Holdings report, Ranger Investment Management, L.P. reported an equity portfolio of $1.6 Billions as of 31 Mar, 2024.

The top stock holdings of Ranger Investment Management, L.P. are PR, LMAT, MEDP. The fund has invested 3.8% of it's portfolio in PERMIAN RESOURCES CORPORATION and 3.5% of portfolio in LEMAITRE VASCULAR, INC.

The fund managers got completely rid off WNS(HOLDINGS) LIMITED (WNS), AMEDISYS INC (AMED) and SOVOS BRANDS, INC. (SOVO) stocks. They significantly reduced their stock positions in DIAMONDBACK ENERGY, INC. (FANG), NAPCO SECURITY TECHNOLOGIES,IN (NSSC) and CONMED CORP. (CNMD). Ranger Investment Management, L.P. opened new stock positions in WNS(HOLDINGS) LIMITED, J & J SNACK FOODS (JJSF) and MSA SAFETY INCORPORATED (MSA). The fund showed a lot of confidence in some stocks as they added substantially to FLOOR & DECOR HOLDINGS, INC. (FND), OWENS CORNING (OC) and CULLEN FROST BANKERS, INC. (CFR).
Equity Portfolio Value
Last Reported on: 15 May, 2024

Performance Estimate

Our best estimate is that Ranger Investment Management, L.P. made a return of 8.02% in the last quarter. In trailing 12 months, it's portfolio return was 17.57%.

New Buys

Ticker$ Bought
wns(holdings) limited29,801,400
j & j snack foods13,753,400
msa safety incorporated10,094,900
sprouts farmers market, inc.6,347,220
ligand pharmaceutical3,761,000
pros holdings, inc2,544,550

New stocks bought by Ranger Investment Management, L.P.

Additions to existing portfolio by Ranger Investment Management, L.P.


Ticker% Reduced
diamondback energy, inc.-42.86
napco security technologies,in-41.5
conmed corp.-40.87
appfolio, inc.-40.24
e.l.f. beauty,inc.-38.12
take-two interactive software-33.77
workiva inc.-32.14
grocery outlet holding corp-32.02

Ranger Investment Management, L.P. reduced stake in above stock

Sold off

Ticker$ Sold
sovos brands, inc.-15,153,800
wns(holdings) limited-43,115,700
ci&t, inc.-1,462,250
genasys incorporated-454,302
amedisys inc-18,867,100
avid bioservices, inc.-22,250
bank of america corp.-8,620
alphabet inc (a)-13,969

Ranger Investment Management, L.P. got rid off the above stocks

Sector Distribution

Ranger Investment Management, L.P. has about 21.6% of it's holdings in Healthcare sector.

Consumer Cyclical13.2
Consumer Defensive6.5
Financial Services2.8
Basic Materials1.2

Market Cap. Distribution

Ranger Investment Management, L.P. has about 19.9% of it's portfolio invested in the large-cap and mega-cap stocks.


Stocks belong to which Index?

About 65.2% of the stocks held by Ranger Investment Management, L.P. either belong to S&P 500 or RUSSELL 2000 index.

RUSSELL 200065.2
Top 5 Winners%
aris water solutions, inc.
63.4 %
kura sushi usa, inc.
50.0 %
vital farms, inc.
48.4 %
ufp technologies, inc.
46.0 %
appfolio, inc.
38.0 %
Top 5 Winners$
permian resources corporation
14.5 M
medpace holdings, inc.
13.3 M
texas roadhouse inc
12.6 M
e.l.f. beauty,inc.
10.9 M
aris water solutions, inc.
10.9 M
Top 5 Losers%
aersale corporation
-41.8 %
metropolitan bank holding corp
-29.8 %
conmed corp.
-26.5 %
marketaxess holdings, inc.
-25.1 %
neogen corp
-21.0 %
Top 5 Losers$
aersale corporation
-12.1 M
conmed corp.
-9.8 M
qualys, inc.
-6.3 M
workiva inc.
-5.7 M
simulations plus, inc.
-3.3 M

Current Stock Holdings of Ranger Investment Management, L.P.

Ranger Investment Management, L.P. has 93 stocks in it's portfolio. About 27.6% of the portfolio is in top 10 stocks. ASLE proved to be the most loss making stock for the portfolio. PR was the most profitable stock for Ranger Investment Management, L.P. last quarter.

Last Reported on: 15 May, 2024
TickerNamesorted ascending% PortfolioShares Held$ ValueType% ChangeOptions
ABBVabbvie, inc. off-100
AMEDamedisys inc0.000.000.00sold off-100
AMOTallient inc0.45195,8266,987,070added3.76
AMSWAamerican software, inc.0.36482,3735,523,170added3.73
AMZNamazon.com0.000.000.00sold off-100
ANIPani pharmaceuticals, inc.1.79402,20427,804,400reduced-7.46
APPFappfolio, inc.1.3886,96421,457,500reduced-40.24
ARISaris water solutions, inc.1.681,849,18026,165,900reduced-9.39
ASLEaersale corporation0.942,047,65014,702,100reduced-10.12
AZEKthe azek co inc2.47764,69838,403,100reduced-13.56
BACbank of america corp. off-100
BATRAliberty formula one0.001146,696added322
BFSTbusiness first bancshares, inc0.50346,4987,719,980added3.77
BLDtopbuild corp.2.1676,08633,533,400reduced-13.59
BLFSbiolife solutions, inc.0.45377,1106,995,390added3.72
BOKFbok financial corp0.0093.008,556added3.33
BOOTboot barn holdings, inc.2.50408,37538,856,900reduced-10.79
BRKRbruker corporation 0.0094.008,830added261
CADEcadence bank1.70910,54926,405,900reduced-13.66
CDMOavid bioservices, inc. off-100
CDNScadence design systems inc0.0042.0013,074added50.00
CERTcertara, inc. off-100
CFRcullen frost bankers, inc.0.0072.008,105added323
CHDchurch & dwight co., inc.0.0012713,247added323
CHEchemed corporation2.1952,95233,991,500added9.06
CINTci&t, inc. off-100
CMGchipotle mexican grill, inc. off-100
CNCcentene corporation0.000.000.00sold off-100
CNMDconmed corp.1.02198,99015,935,100reduced-40.87
COSTcostco wholesale corporation0.000.000.00sold off-100
COTYcoty inc1.081,403,81016,789,600reduced-13.51
CRLcharles river labs0.0042.0011,380added61.54, inc. off-100
CRMTamerica's car-mart inc.0.92223,51714,276,000reduced-8.54
CWSTcasella waste systems, inc.2.41379,50437,521,600reduced-13.54
DAVAendava plc0.56226,8158,628,040reduced-13.54
DHRdanaher corp. off-100
DRQdril-quip, inc.1.44996,83022,458,600reduced-9.85
DVdoubleverify holdings, inc.1.77784,11627,569,500reduced-13.58
DXCMdexcom, inc. off-100
EEexcelerate energy, inc1.431,391,71022,295,200reduced-13.54
ELFe.l.f. beauty,inc.1.95154,77530,340,500reduced-38.12
EPMevolution petroleum corporatio0.401,010,9406,207,170added3.76
FANGdiamondback energy, inc.0.0072.0014,268reduced-42.86
FIVEfive below inc0.0046.008,343added318
FNDfloor & decor holdings, inc.0.0067.008,685added737
FSSfederal signal1.31240,68320,426,800reduced-13.49
GNSSgenasys incorporated0.000.000.00sold off-100
GOgrocery outlet holding corp1.79965,10027,775,600reduced-32.02
GOOGalphabet inc (a) off-100
GPNglobal payments inc.0.0080.0010,693reduced-13.98
GRBKgreen brick partners, inc.0.2051,8503,122,930added3.73
GWREguidewire software, inc.1.95260,29030,378,400reduced-13.58
HOMBhome bancshares inc1.881,187,24029,170,500reduced-13.56
ICLRicon public limited company0.0041.0013,774added13.89
IIIVi3 verticals inc1.651,122,98025,705,100added7.16
INFUinfusystem holdings, inc.0.39715,5456,132,220added3.73
IRMDiradimed corporation0.66232,01910,206,500added3.76
JJSFj & j snack foods0.8895,14013,753,400new
KRUSkura sushi usa, inc.0.87117,68513,552,600added3.71
KWRquaker chemical1.1990,48018,571,000reduced-6.5
LGNDligand pharmaceutical0.2451,4503,761,000new
LMATlemaitre vascular, inc.3.52823,71354,661,600reduced-9.73
MCBmetropolitan bank holding corp0.38153,2505,900,120added4.55
MEDPmedpace holdings, inc.3.12119,91348,462,800reduced-13.57
MGYmagnolia oil & gas corporation1.711,024,24026,579,000reduced-13.56
MITKmitek systems, inc.0.64704,0639,927,290added3.77
MKTXmarketaxess holdings, inc.0.0017.003,727reduced-10.53
MLABmesa laboratories, inc.1.62229,15425,145,100added1.09
MODNmodel n, inc.1.59868,22324,718,300reduced-7.42
MSAmsa safety incorporated0.6552,14610,094,900new
MSFTmicrosoft corp. off-100
NEOGneogen corp0.44437,1006,897,440reduced-13.56
NSSCnapco security technologies,in0.27103,7904,168,210reduced-41.5
NVECnve corp0.3255,7705,029,340added3.74
OCowens corning0.0010617,681added324
OPCHoption care health inc2.07960,47132,214,200added8.1
OSWonespaworld holdings limited2.232,626,88034,753,600reduced-9.36
PDFSpdf solutions inc.1.56720,61524,263,100reduced-6.37
PEGApegasystems inc.2.25540,41234,932,200reduced-13.6
POOLpool corp0.0025.0010,088added316
PRpermian resources corporation3.793,337,05058,932,400reduced-22.2
PROpros holdings, inc0.1670,0402,544,550new
QLYSqualys, inc.2.03189,35531,597,700reduced-13.59
RGENrepligen corporation2.01169,57631,188,400reduced-2.44
ROSTross stores, inc. off-100
RPAYrepay holdings corporation1.882,660,00029,260,000reduced-10.11
SAIAsaia, inc.2.2860,68035,497,800reduced-13.53
SBOWsilverbow resources, inc.0.46208,5247,119,010added3.77
SFMsprouts farmers market, inc.0.4198,4376,347,220new
SHOOsteven madden, ltd.1.32484,80120,497,400reduced-13.57
SITEsiteone landscape supply, inc.2.12188,83232,960,600reduced-0.52
SKYskyline champion corporation1.71312,77126,588,700reduced-13.6
SLABsilicon laboratories inc.0.8895,45313,718,500reduced-13.56
SLPsimulations plus, inc.2.21834,82834,353,200reduced-10.34
SOVOsovos brands, inc. off-100
SRIstoneridge inc.0.46387,2407,140,710added3.77
TBKtriumph financial, inc.1.74341,56927,093,300reduced-14.72
TFXteleflex0.000.000.00sold off-100
TREXtrex company, inc.0.0011811,771added321
TSCOtractor supply company0.0034.008,898reduced-12.82
TTWOtake-two interactive software0.0051.007,573reduced-33.77
TXRHtexas roadhouse inc3.01303,40146,866,400reduced-26.45
TYLtyler technologies, inc.0.0021.008,925added320
UFPTufp technologies, inc.1.1772,10218,184,100added3.71
UNHunitedhealth group incorporate0.000.000.00sold off-100
UTMDutah medical products, inc.0.3780,4495,720,730added3.68
Vvisa inc0.000.000.00sold off-100
VEEVveeva systems inc.0.0036.008,341added125
VITLvital farms, inc.0.41273,6916,363,320added42.36
WCNwaste connections, inc. off-100
WKworkiva inc.1.46267,84922,713,600reduced-32.14
WNSwns(holdings) limited0.000.000.00sold off-100
WSCwillscot mobile mini holdings 1.25419,38519,501,400added31.47
WSTwest pharmaceutical svcs inc0.0034.0013,454reduced-10.53
ZTSzoetis inc. off-100
wns(holdings) limited1.92589,77629,801,400new