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Latest Rokos Capital Management LLP Stock Portfolio


2024 Q1: 6.2%
3 Year: 9.29%

Performance for 2024 Q1 is 6.2% and the 3-year performance is 9.29%

About Rokos Capital Management LLP and it’s 13F Hedge Fund Stock Holdings

In it's latest 13F Holdings report, Rokos Capital Management LLP reported an equity portfolio of $19 Billions as of 31 Mar, 2024.

The top stock holdings of Rokos Capital Management LLP are AGG, QQQ, GOOG. The fund has invested 1.7% of it's portfolio in ISHARES TR and 1.4% of portfolio in INVESCO QQQ TR.

The fund managers got completely rid off TAIWAN SEMICONDUCTOR MFG LTD (TSM), PAYPAL HLDGS INC (PYPL) and OREILLY AUTOMOTIVE INC (ORLY) stocks. They significantly reduced their stock positions in ISHARES INC (ACWV), INVESCO QQQ TR (QQQ) and MONOLITHIC PWR SYS INC (MPWR). Rokos Capital Management LLP opened new stock positions in ALPHABET INC (GOOG), META PLATFORMS INC (META) and BANK AMERICA CORP (BAC). The fund showed a lot of confidence in some stocks as they added substantially to LATTICE SEMICONDUCTOR CORP (LSCC), ATLASSIAN CORPORATION (TEAM) and WORKDAY INC (WDAY).
Equity Portfolio Value
Last Reported on: 17 May, 2024

Performance Estimate

Our best estimate is that Rokos Capital Management LLP made a return of 6.2% in the last quarter. In trailing 12 months, it's portfolio return was 28.5%.

New Buys

Ticker$ Bought
alphabet inc223,223,000
meta platforms inc183,410,000
bank america corp114,947,000
intel corp100,433,000
eli lilly & co62,699,700
vaneck etf trust55,079,800
select sector spdr tr49,521,400
citigroup inc45,100,000

New stocks bought by Rokos Capital Management LLP

Additions to existing portfolio by Rokos Capital Management LLP


Ticker% Reduced
ishares inc-86.56
ishares inc-80.72
invesco qqq tr-68.00
monolithic pwr sys inc-57.29
ishares tr-56.13
bausch health cos inc-54.18
mastercard incorporated-52.32
lowes cos inc-49.2

Rokos Capital Management LLP reduced stake in above stock

Sold off

Ticker$ Sold
dish network corporation-11,084,800
taiwan semiconductor mfg ltd-54,021,900
paypal hldgs inc-30,695,000
clearwater analytics hldgs i-7,010,500
permian resources corp-4,754,750
gates indl corp plc-3,356,250
integral ad science hldng co-3,598,750
vivid seats inc-1,581,250

Rokos Capital Management LLP got rid off the above stocks

Sector Distribution

Rokos Capital Management LLP has about 36.4% of it's holdings in Technology sector.

Financial Services15.8
Communication Services10.7
Consumer Cyclical5.6
Consumer Defensive1.7

Market Cap. Distribution

Rokos Capital Management LLP has about 69.7% of it's portfolio invested in the large-cap and mega-cap stocks.


Stocks belong to which Index?

About 59.9% of the stocks held by Rokos Capital Management LLP either belong to S&P 500 or RUSSELL 2000 index.

S&P 50057
RUSSELL 20002.9
Top 5 Winners%
nvidia corporation
67.5 %
micron technology inc
36.8 %
bausch health cos inc
18.1 %
transocean ltd
17.6 %
fortinet inc
14.7 %
Top 5 Winners$
nvidia corporation
85.1 M
invesco qqq tr
50.8 M
micron technology inc
26.4 M
wells fargo co new
18.8 M
chubb limited
18.6 M
Top 5 Losers%
zscaler inc
-16.7 %
snowflake inc
-16.5 %
mongodb inc
-12.3 %
caribou biosciences inc
-10.4 %
intellia therapeutics inc
-9.9 %
Top 5 Losers$
apple inc
-25.2 M
snowflake inc
-11.5 M
workday inc
-4.7 M
intellia therapeutics inc
-4.4 M
zscaler inc
-3.6 M

Current Stock Holdings of Rokos Capital Management LLP

Rokos Capital Management LLP has 70 stocks in it's portfolio. About 9.9% of the portfolio is in top 10 stocks. AAPL proved to be the most loss making stock for the portfolio. NVDA was the most profitable stock for Rokos Capital Management LLP last quarter.

Last Reported on: 17 May, 2024
TickerNamesorted ascending% PortfolioShares Held$ ValueType% ChangeOptions
AALamerican airls group inc0.03410,0006,289,400new
AAPLapple inc0.87961,403164,890,000reduced-33.21
ACWVishares inc0.10612,99619,891,700reduced-86.56
ACWVishares inc0.05131,3909,113,210reduced-80.72
AFKvaneck etf trust0.291,422,15055,079,800new
AGGishares tr1.711,547,580325,519,000reduced-56.13
AMDadvanced micro devices inc0.13139,73525,212,400new
AMZNamazon com inc0.60626,556112,918,000added44.91
ARWRarrowhead pharmaceuticals in0.181,229,15035,153,600unchanged0.00
ASLEaersale corporation0.000.000.00sold off-100
BABinvesco exch traded fd tr ii0.111,000,00021,145,000new
BACbank america corp0.603,031,290114,947,000new
BBARbanco bbva argentina s a0.0058,990500,825new
BHCbausch health cos inc0.04687,3187,285,570reduced-54.18
BLCObausch plus lomb corp0.03323,9805,601,610new
BMAbanco macro sa0.006,147296,162new
BRBRbellring brands inc0.05170,95310,089,600new
Ccitigroup inc0.24713,26945,100,000new
CABAcabaletta bio inc0.000.000.00sold off-100
CBchubb limited0.61444,758115,259,000reduced-27.62
CCJcameco corp0.03137,5835,960,100new
CIENciena corp0.401,524,33075,378,200added118
CMGchipotle mexican grill inc0.053,50010,173,700new
CNMcore & main inc0.000.000.00sold off-100
CRBUcaribou biosciences inc0.02840,6304,304,030unchanged0.00
CRMsalesforce inc0.1490,66727,292,600added71.93
CRWDcrowdstrike hldgs inc0.1167,49921,631,400new
CWANclearwater analytics hldgs i0.000.000.00sold off-100
DDOGdatadog inc0.20303,49937,509,400new
DISHdish network corporation0.35106,267,00066,886,600added107
DISH dish network corporation0.000.000.00sold off-100
DKNGdraftkings inc new0.08345,62215,708,500new
EXPEexpedia group inc0.13185,23325,514,000new
FTNTfortinet inc0.27750,23151,248,300added12.94
GGALgrupo financiero galicia s.a0.08572,75214,559,400added58.71
GOOGalphabet inc1.181,467,130223,223,000new
GSgoldman sachs group inc0.2298,70641,230,500new
GTESgates indl corp plc0.000.000.00sold off-100
IASintegral ad science hldng co0.000.000.00sold off-100
INTCintel corp0.532,275,320100,433,000new
JPMjpmorgan chase & co0.23218,43143,762,700new
LLYeli lilly & co0.3380,57662,699,700new
LOWlowes cos inc0.0857,29214,586,000reduced-49.2
LSCClattice semiconductor corp0.501,212,88094,895,600added1,592
MAmastercard incorporated0.1041,51119,967,600reduced-52.32
MARmarriott intl inc new0.0642,38010,692,000reduced-7.53
MDBmongodb inc0.0945,27716,236,800unchanged0.00
MDGLmadrigal pharmaceuticals inc0.0537,76210,064,000new
METAmeta platforms inc0.97377,551183,410,000new
MPWRmonolithic pwr sys inc0.1747,32932,022,800reduced-57.29
MRVLmarvell technology inc0.721,914,870135,764,000added51.49
MSmorgan stanley0.22437,81941,207,500new
MSFTmicrosoft corp0.96433,928182,432,000added171
MUmicron technology inc0.52830,89697,954,300added62.73
NTLAintellia therapeutics inc0.211,463,63040,205,900unchanged0.00
NVDAnvidia corporation0.71149,028134,532,000reduced-41.44
ONon semiconductor corp0.004,450327,431new
ORLYoreilly automotive inc0.000.000.00sold off-100
PANWpalo alto networks inc0.17112,25131,873,700new
PCGpg&e corp0.000.000.00sold off-100
PRpermian resources corp0.000.000.00sold off-100
PYPLpaypal hldgs inc0.000.000.00sold off-100
QQQinvesco qqq tr1.37587,600260,912,000reduced-68.00
RIGtransocean ltd0.02495,0003,113,550new
SEATvivid seats inc0.000.000.00sold off-100
SNAPsnap inc0.03417,8214,796,580new
SNCYsun ctry airls hldgs inc0.000.000.00sold off-100
SNOWsnowflake inc0.31360,18758,202,600added234
SPGIs&p global inc0.1777,51432,965,200unchanged0.00
STZconstellation brands inc0.28197,62753,695,300added54.41
TEAMatlassian corporation0.19182,88535,682,700added523
TJXtjx cos inc new0.14261,06926,459,300new
TSMtaiwan semiconductor mfg ltd0.000.000.00sold off-100
UECuranium energy corp0.061,537,90010,396,200new
WDAYworkday inc0.48332,98690,838,600added332
WFCwells fargo co new0.802,620,870151,853,000added141
XLBselect sector spdr tr0.661,319,970124,592,000reduced-0.9
XLBselect sector spdr tr0.261,176,00049,521,400new
YPFypf sociedad anonima0.03317,5746,284,790reduced-13.76
ZSzscaler inc0.0992,81417,879,700new
sprott fds tr0.10367,56918,121,200new
bbb foods inc0.02140,0003,332,000new
smith douglas homes corp0.0160,0001,785,600new
astera labs inc0.0120,0001,484,000new
reddit inc0.007,500369,975new
birkenstock holding plc0.000.000.00sold off-100
hamilton insurance group ltd0.000.000.00sold off-100
cargo therapeutics inc0.000.000.00sold off-100