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Latest Port Capital LLC Stock Portfolio


2024 Q1: 9.19%
3 Year: 40.26%

Performance for 2024 Q1 is 9.19% and the 3-year performance is 40.26%

About Port Capital LLC and it’s 13F Hedge Fund Stock Holdings

In it's latest 13F Holdings report, Port Capital LLC reported an equity portfolio of $2 Billions as of 31 Mar, 2024.

The top stock holdings of Port Capital LLC are HEI, RLI, CPRT. The fund has invested 7.3% of it's portfolio in HEICO CORP NEW CL A and 5.6% of portfolio in RLI CORP COM.

The fund managers got completely rid off HAYWARD HLDGS INC COM (HAYW), HINGHAM INSTN SVGS MASS COM and ISHARES TR S&P 100 ETF (AGG) stocks. They significantly reduced their stock positions in ALPHABET INC CAP STK CL A (GOOG), COMCAST CORP NEW CL A (CMCSA) and TE CONNECTIVITY LTD SHS (TEL). Port Capital LLC opened new stock positions in SHERWIN WILLIAMS CO COM (SHW), META PLATFORMS INC CL A (META) and TRADEWEB MKTS INC CL A (TW). The fund showed a lot of confidence in some stocks as they added substantially to SPX TECHNOLOGIES INC (SPXC), PARKER-HANNIFIN CORP COM (PH) and COSTCO WHSL CORP NEW COM (COST).
Equity Portfolio Value
Last Reported on: 15 May, 2024

Performance Estimate

Our best estimate is that Port Capital LLC made a return of 9.19% in the last quarter. In trailing 12 months, it's portfolio return was 22.44%.

New Buys

Ticker$ Bought
sherwin williams co com21,019,000
meta platforms inc cl a285,000
tradeweb mkts inc cl a252,000
eog res inc com208,000

New stocks bought by Port Capital LLC


Ticker% Inc.
spx technologies inc72.94
parker-hannifin corp com58.73
costco whsl corp new com46.65
watts water technologies inc c29.94
thermo fisher scientific inc c17.43
ishares tr core s&p scp etf16.06
amazon com inc com14.05
selective ins group inc com10.27

Additions to existing portfolio by Port Capital LLC


Ticker% Reduced
alphabet inc cap stk cl a-84.16
comcast corp new cl a-40.15
te connectivity ltd shs-39.7
texas instrs inc com-29.19
onto innovation inc-18.59
idex corp com-16.18
jpmorgan chase & co com-13.7
petroleo brasileiro sa petrobr-13.00

Port Capital LLC reduced stake in above stock

Sold off

Ticker$ Sold
hayward hldgs inc com-17,223,000
hingham instn svgs mass com-2,514,000
fifth third bancorp com-203,000
vanguard index fds value etf-279,000
ishares tr s&p 100 etf-330,000
invesco qqq tr unit ser 1-213,000

Port Capital LLC got rid off the above stocks

Sector Distribution

Port Capital LLC has about 31.2% of it's holdings in Industrials sector.

Financial Services26.5
Basic Materials8.6
Consumer Cyclical5.9

Market Cap. Distribution

Port Capital LLC has about 65.3% of it's portfolio invested in the large-cap and mega-cap stocks.


Stocks belong to which Index?

About 64.3% of the stocks held by Port Capital LLC either belong to S&P 500 or RUSSELL 2000 index.

S&P 50049.1
RUSSELL 200015.2
Top 5 Winners%
kinsale cap group inc com
54.2 %
solid power inc class a com
37.9 %
progressive corp com
29.7 %
ryan specialty holdings inc cl
29.1 %
arch cap group ltd ord
24.4 %
Top 5 Winners$
kinsale cap group inc com
19.6 M
progressive corp com
17.0 M
copart inc com
15.8 M
oreilly automotive inc com
12.0 M
arch cap group ltd ord
11.3 M
Top 5 Losers%
winmark corp com
-13.2 %
apple inc com
-10.7 %
alphatec hldgs inc com new
-8.7 %
unitedhealth group inc com
-6.0 %
rbc bearings inc com
-5.0 %
Top 5 Losers$
winmark corp com
-6.2 M
rbc bearings inc com
-5.4 M
teledyne technologies inc com
-3.7 M
unitedhealth group inc com
-2.2 M
apple inc com
-1.2 M

Current Stock Holdings of Port Capital LLC

Port Capital LLC has 87 stocks in it's portfolio. About 47.2% of the portfolio is in top 10 stocks. WINA proved to be the most loss making stock for the portfolio. KNSL was the most profitable stock for Port Capital LLC last quarter.

Last Reported on: 15 May, 2024
TickerNamesorted ascending% PortfolioShares Held$ ValueType% ChangeOptions
AAPLapple inc com0.4957,4499,851,000reduced-4.29
AAXJishares tr msci acwi etf0.012,000220,000unchanged0.00
ABTabbott labs com0.047,038800,000reduced-2.59
ACGLarch cap group ltd ord2.86616,36056,976,000reduced-0.9
ACNaccenture plc ireland shs clas0.01840291,000reduced-8.6
AGGishares tr core s&p scp etf0.0610,2471,133,000added16.06
AGGishares tr rus mdcp val etf0.057,784976,000reduced-2.89
AGGishares tr s&p 100 etf0.000.000.00sold off-100
AMEametek inc com4.04440,65180,595,000reduced-0.55
AMZNamazon com inc com0.078,2961,496,000added14.05
AONaon plc shs cl a0.01872291,000added9.00
APHamphenol corp new cl a3.84664,63776,666,000reduced-0.81
ATECalphatec hldgs inc com new0.0113,000179,000unchanged0.00
AXPamerican express co com0.011,220278,000reduced-4.09
BXblackstone inc com0.022,467324,000reduced-0.92
CACIcaci intl inc cl a2.07108,86141,240,000added9.67
CLcolgate palmolive co com0.3883,2177,494,000reduced-0.02
CMCSAcomcast corp new cl a0.016,465280,000reduced-40.15
COPconocophillips com0.034,117524,000reduced-7.86
COSTcostco whsl corp new com0.02657481,000added46.65
CPcanadian pacific kansas city c2.97671,94959,246,000reduced-0.82
CPRTcopart inc com5.191,787,210103,515,000added3.32
CSDinvesco exchange traded fd tr0.7891,53715,504,000reduced-0.2
CSWIcsw industrials inc com0.097,8001,830,000unchanged0.00
CWIspdr index shs fds portfolio d0.0318,000645,000unchanged0.00
ELlauder estee cos inc cl a0.056,073936,000reduced-0.51
EOGeog res inc com0.011,628208,000new
EPDenterprise prods partners l p0.0215,250445,000unchanged0.00
FITBfifth third bancorp com0.000.000.00sold off-100
FNDAschwab strategic tr intl eqty0.1469,6002,716,000unchanged0.00
GBCIglacier bancorp inc new com1.35671,14227,034,000reduced-4.21
GBDCgolub cap bdc inc com0.0222,000366,000unchanged0.00
GGGgraco inc com3.68785,98373,458,000added3.11
GOOGalphabet inc cap stk cl c0.1317,6212,683,000added2.1
GOOGalphabet inc cap stk cl a0.079,6751,460,000reduced-84.16
HAYWhayward hldgs inc com0.000.000.00sold off-100
HEIheico corp new cl a7.28943,210145,198,000added1.19
HONhoneywell intl inc com0.021,788367,000added1.02
IAUishares gold tr ishares0.0421,350897,000unchanged0.00
IBMinternational business machs c0.044,121787,000reduced-9.37
ICEintercontinental exchange inc2.52366,16550,322,000reduced-0.66
IEXidex corp com2.37193,64547,253,000reduced-16.18
ITWillinois tool wks inc com0.021,615433,000added0.12
JNJjohnson & johnson com0.045,322842,000reduced-6.3
JPMjpmorgan chase & co com0.055,4061,083,000reduced-13.7
KNSLkinsale cap group inc com2.79105,95855,600,000added3.21
LINlinde plc shs3.80163,21475,784,000reduced-0.38
MAmastercard incorporated cl a2.52104,34250,248,000reduced-0.92
MCDmcdonalds corp com0.032,141604,000added1.04
METAmeta platforms inc cl a0.01587285,000new
MRKmerck & co inc com0.068,4761,118,000reduced-9.68
MSFTmicrosoft corp com0.3014,3166,023,000reduced-1.9
NTRSnorthern tr corp com0.035,960530,000added0.05
NUEnucor corp com0.011,260249,000reduced-1.02
ONTOonto innovation inc2.20242,89643,984,000reduced-18.59
ORLYoreilly automotive inc com3.7466,01974,528,000reduced-2.4
PBprosperity bancshares inc com1.74528,39334,758,000reduced-4.77
PBRpetroleo brasileiro sa petrobr0.0564,467961,000reduced-13.00
PEPpepsico inc com0.011,600280,000reduced-11.01
PFEpfizer inc com0.019,495263,000added1.64
PGRprogressive corp com3.68355,35073,493,000reduced-0.86
PHparker-hannifin corp com1.4953,53829,756,000added58.73
PSXphillips 66 com0.022,359385,000reduced-1.95
QQQinvesco qqq tr unit ser off-100
RLIrli corp com5.58750,128111,372,000added3.84
ROLLrbc bearings inc com5.11377,186101,972,000added2.06
ROProper technologies inc com1.9167,79538,022,000added0.34
RYANryan specialty holdings inc cl0.0310,000555,000unchanged0.00
SHWsherwin williams co com1.0560,51621,019,000new
SIGIselective ins group inc com1.74318,29034,748,000added10.27
SLDPsolid power inc class a com0.0019,75040,000unchanged0.00
SPXCspx technologies inc1.92311,23438,322,000added72.94
SPYspdr s&p 500 etf tr tr unit0.3212,3106,439,000added3.25
SSDsimpson mfg inc com3.78367,13075,328,000added3.09
TDYteledyne technologies inc com4.80223,02895,750,000added1.69
TELte connectivity ltd shs0.056,525948,000reduced-39.7
TMOthermo fisher scientific inc c0.051,610936,000added17.43
TWtradeweb mkts inc cl a0.012,420252,000new
TXNtexas instrs inc com0.067,0531,229,000reduced-29.19
ULunilever plc spon adr new0.026,500326,000reduced-7.14
UNHunitedhealth group inc com1.6667,03533,162,000reduced-3.42
Vvisa inc com cl a1.48105,75329,514,000reduced-0.83
VEUvanguard intl equity index fds0.024,316477,000unchanged0.00
VOOvanguard index fds total stk m0.043,411887,000unchanged0.00
VOOvanguard index fds large cap e0.011,098263,000unchanged0.00
VOOvanguard index fds value etf0.000.000.00sold off-100
WINAwinmark corp com2.03111,75140,420,000added1.3
WTSwatts water technologies inc c2.10196,71841,812,000added29.94
fiserv inc com2.66331,75853,022,000added1.97
ares capital corp com0.0443,000895,000unchanged0.00
berkshire hathaway class b0.041,803758,000reduced-0.33
kenvue inc com0.0214,814318,000reduced-1.71
hingham instn svgs mass com0.000.000.00sold off-100