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Latest JDM Financial Group LLC Stock Portfolio

$137Million– No. of Holdings #212

JDM Financial Group LLC Performance:
2024 Q1: 2.19%YTD: 2.19%2023: 6.8%

Performance for 2024 Q1 is 2.19%, and YTD is 2.19%, and 2023 is 6.8%.

About JDM Financial Group LLC and 13F Hedge Fund Stock Holdings

JDM Financial Group LLC is a hedge fund based in AUSTIN, TX. On 26-Apr-2023, the fund reported that it had an AUM (Regulated Assets under Management) of $205.1 Millions. In it's latest 13F Holdings report, JDM Financial Group LLC reported an equity portfolio of $137.2 Millions as of 31 Mar, 2024.

The top stock holdings of JDM Financial Group LLC are VOO, AGG, CWI. The fund has invested 25% of it's portfolio in VANGUARD S&P 500 ETF and 12.3% of portfolio in ISHARES S&P 500 INDEX.

The fund managers got completely rid off SOUTHERN CO COM (SO), ISHARES GLOBAL 100 ETF (AGG) and ETFMG ALTERNATIVE HARVEST ETFMG ALTERNATIVE HARVEST (AIEQ) stocks. They significantly reduced their stock positions in ISHARES SELECT DIVIDEND ETF (AGG), SPDR DOW JONES INDUSTRIAL ETF (DIA) and NVIDIA CORPORATION COM (NVDA). JDM Financial Group LLC opened new stock positions in INVESCO NASDAQ 100 ETF (BAB), ISHARES MSCI WORLD ETF (ACWV) and GRAYSCALE BITCOIN TRUST. The fund showed a lot of confidence in some stocks as they added substantially to POWERSHARES QQQ TR (QQQ), ISHARES CORE S&P MID-CAP ETF (AGG) and SCHWAB INTERNATIONAL EQUITY ETF (FNDA).
JDM Financial Group LLC Equity Portfolio Value
Last Reported on: 09 May, 2024

JDM Financial Group LLC Annual Return Estimates Vs S&P 500

Our best estimate is that JDM Financial Group LLC made a return of 2.19% in the last quarter. In trailing 12 months, it's portfolio return was 6.65%.

New Buys

Ticker$ Bought
invesco nasdaq 100 etf709,762
ishares msci world etf443,570
grayscale bitcoin trust74,730
ishares core u.s. aggregate bond etf10,969
john hancock multifactor mid cap etf7,345
trisalus life sciences inc com5,168

New stocks bought by JDM Financial Group LLC


Ticker% Inc.
powershares qqq tr467
ishares core s&p mid-cap etf400
schwab international equity etf156
technology select sector spdr83.24
synopsys inc com41.18
berkshire hathaway inc del cl b new37.64
schwab u.s. small-cap etf24.4
vanguard s&p 500 growth etf21.25

Additions to existing portfolio by JDM Financial Group LLC


Ticker% Reduced
ishares select dividend etf-52.63
spdr dow jones industrial etf-27.61
ishares core s&p small cap etf-23.28
nvidia corporation com-9.14
vanguard value etf-7.84
google inc-7.39
alphabet inc cap stk cl c-7.12
spdr s&p midcap 400 etf trust-6.89

JDM Financial Group LLC reduced stake in above stock

Sold off

Ticker$ Sold
southern co com-151,810
first rep bk san francisco cal com-74.00
etfmg alternative harvest etfmg alternative harvest-1,777
ishares global 100 etf-33,374

JDM Financial Group LLC got rid off the above stocks

Sector Distribution

JDM Financial Group LLC has about 93.7% of it's holdings in Others sector.


Market Cap. Distribution

JDM Financial Group LLC has about 6.2% of it's portfolio invested in the large-cap and mega-cap stocks.


Stocks belong to which Index?

About 0% of the stocks held by JDM Financial Group LLC either belong to S&P 500 or RUSSELL 2000 index.

Top 5 Winners (%)%
the realreal inc com
94.8 %
nvidia corporation com
79.2 %
constellation energy corp com
58.1 %
ge aerospace com new
37.5 %
disney walt co com
35.5 %
Top 5 Winners ($)$
ishares s&p 500 index
1.5 M
spdr s&p 500 etf trust
0.5 M
nvidia corporation com
0.5 M
AMZN inc
0.1 M
exxon mobil corp com
0.1 M
Top 5 Losers (%)%
ishares core s&p mid-cap etf
-41.6 %
sunrun inc com
-32.9 %
cree inc
-32.2 %
boeing co com
-26.0 %
affirm hldgs inc com cl a
-24.2 %
Top 5 Losers ($)$
apple inc
-0.4 M
ishares core s&p mid-cap etf
0.0 M
boeing co com
0.0 M
gilead sciences inc com
0.0 M
sempra energy
0.0 M

JDM Financial Group LLC Holdings Map

This heatmap illustrates the top 50 positions within the fund's portfolio.

Current Stock Holdings of JDM Financial Group LLC

JDM Financial Group LLC has 212 stocks in it's portfolio. About 75.7% of the portfolio is in top 10 stocks. AAPL proved to be the most loss making stock for the portfolio. AGG was the most profitable stock for JDM Financial Group LLC last quarter.

Last Reported on: 09 May, 2024
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