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Latest Laffer Investments Stock Portfolio


2024 Q1: 6.52%
3 Year: 16.34%

Performance for 2024 Q1 is 6.52% and the 3-year performance is 16.34%

About Laffer Investments and it’s 13F Hedge Fund Stock Holdings

Laffer Tengler Investments, Inc. is a hedge fund based in NASHVILLE, TN. On 30-Mar-2023, the fund reported that it had an AUM (Regulated Assets under Management) of $388.2 Millions. In it's latest 13F Holdings report, Laffer Tengler Investments, Inc. reported an equity portfolio of $387.3 Millions as of 31 Mar, 2024.

The top stock holdings of Laffer Tengler Investments, Inc. are MSFT, AVGO, AAPL. The fund has invested 3.9% of it's portfolio in MICROSOFT CORP and 3.1% of portfolio in BROADCOM INC.

The fund managers got completely rid off AES CORP 02/15/24 (AES), SPDR BARCLAYS CONVERTIBLE SECURITIES ETF (BIL) and KRANESHARES TR GLOBAL CARB STRA (BNDD) stocks. They significantly reduced their stock positions in ANGEL OAK FUNDS TR MULTI STR INST, PAYPAL HOLDINGS INC (PYPL) and MARVELL TECHNOLOGY INC (MRVL). Laffer Tengler Investments, Inc. opened new stock positions in ALBEMARLE CORP 7.25 PERCENT DEP A (ALB), CROWDSTRIKE HOLDINGS INC CL A (CRWD) and NUVEEN MUNI TR HIGH YIELD MUNI A. The fund showed a lot of confidence in some stocks as they added substantially to PROLOGIS (PLD), VERTEX PHARMACEUTICALS INC (VRTX) and INVESCO QQQ TRUST (QQQ).
Equity Portfolio Value
Last Reported on: 15 May, 2024

Performance Estimate

Our best estimate is that LAFFER TENGLER INVESTMENTS, INC. made a return of 6.52% in the last quarter. In trailing 12 months, it's portfolio return was 16.32%.

New Buys

Ticker$ Bought
arbor realty trust inc2,848,020
southern co2,517,210
ppl cap funding inc2,499,000
albemarle corp 7.25 percent dep a2,198,440
alliant energy corp2,121,050
on semiconductor corp686,322
crowdstrike holdings inc cl a600,465
nuveen muni tr high yield muni a531,345

New stocks bought by Laffer Investments


Ticker% Inc.
vertex pharmaceuticals inc32,085
invesco qqq trust5,537
fedex corp3,070
etf opportunities trust laffer ten eq in2,660
csx corp1,472
union pacific corp1,312
meta plateforms inc1,098

Additions to existing portfolio by Laffer Investments


Ticker% Reduced
angel oak funds tr multi str inst-99.98
baird funds inc inter bond inst-98.37
paypal holdings inc-95.31
marvell technology inc-91.79
schwab charles family fund value advantage-83.92
cisco systems inc-82.14
invesco currencyshares japanes japanese yen-79.7
procter and gamble co-77.2

Laffer Investments reduced stake in above stock

Sold off

Ticker$ Sold
fidelity inst cash portfolios mmkt cl i-151,442
united sts 12 month nat gas fd unit ben int-308,708
paramount global 5.75 percent conv pfd a-317,679
teucrium commodity tr corn fd shs-313,412
kraneshares tr global carb stra-421,715
spdr barclays convertible securities etf-725,901
wasatch funds tr int opport inst-18,145
federated total return ser in fh total return r6-42,276

Laffer Investments got rid off the above stocks

Sector Distribution

LAFFER TENGLER INVESTMENTS, INC. has about 25.9% of it's holdings in Technology sector.

Financial Services13.5
Consumer Cyclical11.1
Consumer Defensive5.5
Basic Materials3.4
Real Estate2.8
Communication Services1.5

Market Cap. Distribution

LAFFER TENGLER INVESTMENTS, INC. has about 88.9% of it's portfolio invested in the large-cap and mega-cap stocks.


Stocks belong to which Index?

About 88.2% of the stocks held by LAFFER TENGLER INVESTMENTS, INC. either belong to S&P 500 or RUSSELL 2000 index.

S&P 50088.2
Top 5 Winners%
nvidia corporation
80.5 %
constellation energy corp
58.1 %
general electric co new
37.5 %
disney walt co
35.5 %
tilray brands inc
31.4 %
Top 5 Winners$
broadcom inc
2.1 M
lam research corp
1.9 M
american express co
1.7 M
microsoft corp
1.6 M
steel dynamics inc
1.5 M
Top 5 Losers%
ishares tr core s&p mcp etf
-41.7 %
embecta corp common stock
-29.9 %
boeing co
-25.9 %
tesla inc
-22.4 %
-22.2 %
Top 5 Losers$
apple inc
-1.0 M
tesla inc
-0.6 M
adobe systems incorporated
-0.5 M
-0.4 M
public storage inc
-0.4 M

Current Stock Holdings of Laffer Investments

LAFFER TENGLER INVESTMENTS, INC. has 379 stocks in it's portfolio. About 25.3% of the portfolio is in top 10 stocks. AAPL proved to be the most loss making stock for the portfolio. AVGO was the most profitable stock for LAFFER TENGLER INVESTMENTS, INC. last quarter.

Last Reported on: 15 May, 2024
TickerNamesorted ascending% PortfolioShares Held$ ValueType% ChangeOptions
AAPLapple inc2.5958,51410,034,000added44.34
AAXJishares 1-5 year investment grade corporate bond0.3223,8051,220,720added6.33
AAXJishares tr us aer def etf0.0140052,772unchanged0.00
ABBVabbvie inc2.0443,3327,890,740reduced-6.78
ABRarbor realty trust inc0.742,8132,848,020new
ABTabbott laboratories0.103,288373,714added53.72
ACNaccenture plc ireland class a0.0037.0012,825reduced-63.73
ACSGdbx etf tr xtrack intl real0.0047810,349new
ACSGxtrackers usd high yield etf0.002408,570new
ACVFetf opportunities trust laffer ten eq in0.1724,516670,307added2,660
ACWFishares treasury floating rate bond etf0.3526,6401,350,380reduced-62.28
ACWFishares 0-5 year investment grade corporate bond0.3124,7091,216,180added6.32
ACWFishares tr 0-5yr hi yl cp0.2220,127856,404reduced-31.82
ACWFishares tr msci intl qualty0.000.000.00sold off-100
ACWVishares msci france etf0.076,218257,487added17.17
ACWVishares inc msci south korea indx fd0.063,216215,826added17.42
ACWVishares msci australia index0.058,425207,761added17.87
ACWVishares msci canada etf0.055,356205,028added17.1
ADBEadobe systems incorporated0.786,0023,028,610added72.17
ADMarcher daniels midland co0.031,786112,179unchanged0.00
ADPautomatic data processing inc0.0033.008,241new
ADSKautodesk inc0.0031.008,073added6.9
AESaes corp0.002504,483new
AFKvaneck etf tr0.2842,2301,077,290reduced-39.4
AFKvaneck etf trust vaneck vietnam0.0512,719176,794added18.51
AFLaflac inc0.0065.005,581unchanged0.00
AGGishares s&p 500 growth etf0.229,937839,080unchanged0.00
AGGishares tr core s&p scp etf0.051,610177,937new
AGGishares russell 1000 growth etf0.0227793,363new
AGGishares russell 2000 index fund0.0235073,605new
AGGishares tr core s&p mcp etf0.0025515,499added400
AGGishares s&p smallcap 600 grwoth index fund0.000.000.00sold off-100
AGGishares tr dow jones us etf0.000.000.00sold off-100
AGGishares dow jones us consumer goods fund0.000.000.00sold off-100
AGGishares russell 3000 etf0.000.000.00sold off-100
AGGishares tr rus 1000 etf0.000.000.00sold off-100
AGGishares tr us consum discre0.000.000.00sold off-100
AGGishares lehman 7-10 tr0.000.000.00sold off-100
AGGishares core s&p 500 etf0.000.000.00sold off-100
AIGamerican intl group inc0.0056.004,378new
AKAMakamai technologies inc0.572,0982,215,310reduced-2.87
ALBalbemarle corp 7.25 percent dep a0.5737,2852,198,440new
ALBalbemarle corp0.0269691,691reduced-49.34
ALLEallegion plc0.000.000.00sold off-100
AMATapplied materials inc0.0012.002,475new
AMDadvanced micro devic0.0010018,049added212
AMGNamgen inc0.202,691765,100added46.01
AMPSishares msci india index etf0.054,063209,610added16.69
AMPSishares tr us treas bd etf0.000.000.00sold off-100
AMTamerican tower corp0.0015.002,964new inc1.5633,4696,037,140added12.85
ANEWproshares tr k1 fre crd oil0.021,57675,238reduced-75.76
AONaon plc0.000.000.00sold off-100
APDair prods & chems inc0.0027.006,541added170
APHamphenol corp cl a0.0098.0011,304added3.16
AREalexandria real estate0.0137448,212added22.62
ARKFark innovation etf0.0033.001,653unchanged0.00
ASMLasml holding nv ny registry0.0013.0012,616new
AVGObroadcom inc3.078,97411,894,200reduced-18.4
AXPamerican express co2.5142,7089,724,070added4.46
AYatlantica sustainable infr plc0.0020.00370new
BAboeing co0.04725139,918added0.55
BABAalibaba group holding ltd sp ads0.006.00434new
BACbank of america corp1.073,4734,161,730added1.46
BACbank of america corp0.054,795181,826reduced-1.05
BAMbrookfield asset managmt ltd cl a lmt vtg1.19109,8724,616,820added686
BAXbaxter intl inc0.0083.003,547new
BBAXjpmorgan equity premium income etf0.042,933169,703reduced-75.66
BBYbest buy inc0.0277863,819added22.71
BCEbce inc new0.011,45449,407added0.21
BDXbecton dickinson & co0.0340098,980unchanged0.00
BGbunge global sa0.041,419145,476reduced-2.27
BHFbrighthouse financial inc0.001176,030unchanged0.00
BILspdr s&p aerospace & defense etf0.0370799,341reduced-75.73
BILspdr ser tr bloomberg emergi0.011,40028,700new
BILspdr barclays convertible securities etf0.000.000.00sold off-100
BIPbrookfield infrast partners lp0.056,329197,528added36.11
BIPCbrookfield infrastructure corp sb vtg a0.0187431,499new
BJbjs whsl club holdings inc0.0046.003,480unchanged0.00
BKbank new york mellon corp com0.021,62093,344unchanged0.00
BKNGbooking holdings inc0.701,4052,722,380reduced-3.57
BLKblackrock inc0.004.003,335reduced-60.00
BMYbristol-myers squibb co0.011,00054,230added7.53
BNDDkraneshares tr global carb stra0.000.000.00sold off-100
BNDWvanguard scottsdale fds mtg-bkd secs etf0.032,746125,245new
BONDpimco etf tr enhan shrt ma ac0.0010010,054new
BPbp plc sponsored adr0.0094.003,552new
BRbroadridge financial solutions inc0.0033.006,760reduced-5.71
BSYbentley sys inc0.16636640,253reduced-8.88
BUDanheuser-busch inbev sa nv sp adr0.0048.002,917new
BUYZfranklin ftse united kingdom etf0.068,507222,288added16.09
BWXTbwx technologies inc0.0023.002,333new
BXblackstone inc0.123,600472,932added216
BXMTblackstone mortgage trust inc0.733,1152,837,230reduced-3.83
CANEteucrium commodity tr corn fd shs0.000.000.00sold off-100
CARRcarrier global corporation1.4898,2995,714,120added10.79
CATcaterpillar inc0.141,506551,844added70.94
CBchubb limited0.000.000.00sold off-100
CCchemours co com0.0040.001,050unchanged0.00
CCRVblackrock short maturity bond etf0.1612,499630,700added6.27
CEGconstellation energy corp0.0118333,828unchanged0.00
CHDchurch & dwight inc0.0092.009,597new
CHRWc h robinson worldwide inc new0.0027.002,062new
CIthe cigna group com0.0014.005,085reduced-69.57
CLcolgate palmolive co0.083,605324,630added3.15
CLXclorox co0.0059.009,033added210
CMCSAcomcast corp cl a0.2926,1501,133,600added10.21
CMGchipotle mexican grill inc0.891,1823,435,800reduced-4.45
CMIcummins inc0.0034.0010,018new
CNCcentene corp0.0044.003,453new
CNIcanadian national railway co0.0068.008,956new
COFcapital one finl corp com0.03892132,810unchanged0.00
COSTcostco wholesale corp0.713,7772,767,140reduced-7.99 inc0.354,5061,357,120reduced-27.3
CRWDcrowdstrike holdings inc cl a0.161,873600,465new
CSCOcisco systems inc0.1914,886742,960reduced-82.14
CSDinvesco s&p 500 equal weight etf0.0244074,523new
CSDinvesco ftse rafi us 1000 etf0.000.000.00sold off-100
CSXcsx corp0.032,846105,501added1,472
CTSHcognizant technology0.001148,355new
CTVAcorteva inc0.021,37279,123unchanged0.00
CVScvs health corp0.042,065164,741unchanged0.00
CVXchevron corp2.1552,9228,347,850reduced-4.35
DBEHmanager directed portfolios spyglass inst0.000.000.00sold off-100
DDdupont de nemours inc0.041,767135,476reduced-2.54
DDdu pont e i de nemours & co pfd $4.500.021,00073,330unchanged0.00
DEdeere & co0.0110041,074reduced-9.91
DGXquest diagnostics inc0.0011.001,464new
DHRdanaher corporation0.0073.0018,230new
DISdisney walt co0.092,683328,292reduced-0.11
DOWdow inc0.021,37279,480unchanged0.00
DOXamdocs ltd0.0076.006,868new
DRIdarden restaurants inc0.061,462244,373added11.01
DUKduke energy corp new0.0275673,113reduced-7.47
DWMFwisdomtree tr floatng rat trea0.000.000.00sold off-100
DXCMdexcom inc0.873,0603,370,800reduced-3.98
EBAYebay inc0.0043.002,270new
EBLUmanaged portfolio series nuance mid z0.000.000.00sold off-100
ELVelevance health inc0.007.003,734new
EMBCembecta corp common stock0.0080.001,062unchanged0.00
EMRemerson electric co1.3746,7445,301,700added19.64
ENBenbridge inc0.022,20379,705added24.89
ENPHenphase energy inc0.542,2662,085,150reduced-1.86
ENPHenphase energy inc0.03840101,623reduced-49.03
EOGeog resources inc1.2738,4144,910,850reduced-14.09
EQIXequinix inc0.552,5912,138,470added6.89
ETNeaton corp plc0.0033.0010,318reduced-49.23
EXCexelon corp0.0055020,664unchanged0.00
EXRextra space storage inc.0.0252877,616added22.22
Fford mtr co del0.752,8192,916,850reduced-1.09
FANGdiamondback energy inc0.5811,2672,232,780reduced-23.2
FASTfastenal co0.0040.003,086unchanged0.00
FCXfreeport-mcmoran inc cl b0.054,489211,073reduced-58.3
FDXfedex corp0.0231791,848added3,070
FEfirstenergy corp0.001445,561new
FGf&g annuities & life inc common stock0.001546,245unchanged0.00
FITBfifth third bancorp com0.033,325123,723unchanged0.00
FMCfmc corp0.0049.003,121new
FNDAschwab 5-10 year corporate bond etf0.032,578114,695new
FNDAschwab strategic tr schwab fdt us lg0.021,18279,655new
FNDAschwab strategic tr intrm trm tres0.021,37167,248new
FNDAschwab strategic tr us lrg cap etf0.021,04564,853new
FNDAschwab strategic tr schwab fdt us sc0.021,08061,592new
FNDAschwab strategic tr schwb fdt emk lg0.022,17060,239new
FNDAschwab strategic tr schwb fdt int lg0.011,44151,314new
FNDAschwab strategic tr us sml cap etf0.0184641,657new
FNDAschwab strategic tr emrg mkteq etf0.011,58540,021new
FNDAschwab strategic tr intl eqty etf0.0186533,752new
FNDAschwab strategic tr schwb fdt int sc0.0184930,114new
FNDAschwab strategic tr intl sceqt etf0.0055019,690new
FNDAschwab u.s. tips etf0.0037519,556new
FNDAschwab strategic tr us reit etf0.004479,074new
FNFfidelity national financial in fnf group0.032,280121,068unchanged0.00
FOXfox corp cl a0.0095.002,971reduced-51.03
FOXfox corp cl b0.0063.001,803unchanged0.00
FSLRfirst solar inc0.051,077181,798reduced-48.96
FTItechnipfmc plc0.002035,097new
FXYinvesco currencyshares japanes japanese yen0.021,27978,313reduced-79.7
GDgeneral dynamics corp0.000.000.00sold off-100
GEgeneral electric co new0.0247383,026unchanged0.00
GILDgilead sciences inc0.0045.003,296unchanged0.00
GISgeneral mills inc0.094,849339,285reduced-14.24
GLDstreettracks gold shs0.000.000.00sold off-100
GLWcorning inc0.022,49782,288added33.03
GOLDbarrick gold corp0.002904,826new
GOOGalphabet inc cap stock cl a0.8020,3953,078,290added22.08
GOOGalphabet inc cap stock cl c0.163,980605,995added12.24
GPCgenuine parts co0.0039.006,042new
GRMNgarmin ltd0.0014.002,079new
GSgoldman sachs group inc2.0318,8047,854,430added8.44
GSYinvesco actively managed etf var rate invt0.3147,3931,189,090reduced-32.9
GTLSchart industries inc0.0010016,472new
GWWgrainger w w inc0.007.007,121new
HALOhalozyme therapeutics inc0.482,1071,871,070reduced-3.83
HDhome depot inc2.3023,2238,908,340reduced-5.56
HLThilton worldwide holdings inc0.000.000.00sold off-100
HONhoneywell intl inc0.7514,0752,888,890added3.07
HRLhormel foods corp0.001675,827new
HSICschein henry inc0.0079.005,966new
HSYhershey co0.0124547,653added22.5
HTLFheartland financial usa inc0.1212,996456,809new
HUMhumana inc0.009.003,120new
IAUishares gold tr ishares new0.0027611,595new
IBCEishares tr msci usa qlt fct0.000.000.00sold off-100
IBKRinteractive brokers group inc cl a0.000.000.00sold off-100
IBMintl business machines0.05956182,599added1.38
ICLRicon plc0.000.000.00sold off-100
INTCintel corp0.065,656249,805reduced-9.37
INTUintuit0.000.000.00sold off-100
IPGinterpublic group cos inc0.000.000.00sold off-100
ISRGintuitive surgical inc new0.06618246,638reduced-2.22
ITWillinois tool works inc1.2818,4934,962,230reduced-11.94
IVOGvanguard admiral fds inc 500 grth idx f0.05657200,194new
Jjacobs solutions inc0.4110,2251,571,890reduced-17.13
JBHTjb hunt0.0048.009,564new
JKHYhenry jack & assoc inc0.0024.004,170added26.32
JNJjohnson & johnson2.0249,4227,818,140reduced-0.27
JPMjpmorgan chase & co2.5749,6159,937,880added11.00
Kkellanova com0.0186549,556unchanged0.00
KDkyndryl holdings inc common stock0.001874,069unchanged0.00
KKRkkr & co inc0.000.000.00sold off-100
KLACkla corp new0.000.000.00sold off-100
KMBkimberly-clark corp0.0013.001,732new
KMIkinder morgan inc0.011,89934,828added88.02
KOcoca-cola co0.127,656468,420added119
KTBkontoor brands inc0.0016610,002unchanged0.00
LCIIlci industries0.000.000.00sold off-100
LFLYleafly holdings inc new0.005,52916,366new
LFUSlittelfuse inc0.009.002,181unchanged0.00
LHlaboratory crp of amer hldgs0.0029.006,335new
LHXl3harris technologies inc1.2422,4604,786,230added18.29
LIIlennox intl inc0.000.000.00sold off-100
LINlinde plc0.09761353,348reduced-37.57
LITElumentum hldgs inc0.542,3702,093,550reduced-3.07
LLYlilly eli & co0.03150116,694added284
LMTlockheed martin corp0.09755343,343added95.09
LNTalliant energy corp0.552,1442,121,050new
LOWlowes cos inc0.0046.0011,830added4.55
LPLAlpl financial holdings inc0.000.000.00sold off-100
LRCXlam research corp2.148,5168,274,020reduced-18.75
LUVsouthwest airls co0.702,6582,720,110reduced-1.01
LUVsouthwest airlines co0.001414,119new
LYBlyondellbasell industries nv - a -0.0284186,017added41.58
MAmastercard inc0.000.000.00sold off-100
MARmarriott intl inc cl a0.000.000.00sold off-100
MCDmcdonalds corp1.8224,9617,037,750reduced-6.66
MCHPmicrochip technology inc.0.722,6152,801,460reduced-3.82
MCKmckesson corp0.000.000.00sold off-100
MDLZmondelez intl inc cl a0.052,981208,670unchanged0.00
MDTmedtronic plc1.3158,2505,076,460reduced-5.75
METmetlife inc0.073,531261,682added1.47
METAmeta plateforms inc0.08659319,997added1,098
MKCmccormick & co inc non vtg0.031,672128,426unchanged0.00
MKLmarkel group inc0.000.000.00sold off-100
MMCmarsh & mclennan cos inc0.000.000.00sold off-100
MMM3m co0.041,632173,141added0.31
MOaltria group inc0.0037.001,619new
MPCmarathon pete corp com0.0024.004,836new
MPLXmplx lp0.021,53163,628added0.86
MRKmerck & co inc0.041,064140,395reduced-2.3
MRVLmarvell technology inc0.001158,155reduced-91.79
MSmorgan stanley0.041,544145,383added82.72
MSFTmicrosoft corp3.9436,28415,265,300added0.1
MSImotorola solutions inc new0.000.000.00sold off-100
NDAQnasdaq inc0.000.000.00sold off-100
NDSNnordson corp0.000.000.00sold off-100
NEEnextera energy inc0.074,252271,745added93.27
NICEnice ltd0.722,6712,793,250reduced-3.78
NKEnike inc cl b0.2610,9131,025,600added21.17
NMFCnew mountain finance corp0.732,5892,822,490reduced-1.6
NOCnorthrop corp0.000.000.00sold off-100
NOWservicenow inc1.085,4904,185,580added0.4
NRGnrg energy inc1.052,4194,056,620reduced-3.89
NRGnrg energy inc.0.052,920197,655unchanged0.00
NSCnorfolk southern corp0.0018.004,588new
NVDAnvidia corporation0.371,5881,434,860added2.32
NVOnovo-nordisk as adr0.0014118,104new
NVRnvr inc0.1260.00485,998new
NXPInxp semiconductors nv1.3921,7705,393,950reduced-10.64
OGNorganon & co common stock0.001001,880unchanged0.00
OKEoneok inc0.031,400112,238unchanged0.00
OMFonemain holdings inc0.0047.002,382new
ONon semiconductor corp0.18695686,322new
ORCLoracle corp2.0362,5687,859,170added2.59
ORLYoreilly automotive inc0.006.006,773unchanged0.00
OTISotis worldwide corp0.0133533,255unchanged0.00
OXYoccidental petroleum corp0.031,47395,730unchanged0.00
OXYoccidental petroleum corp wt exp 0803270.001847,930unchanged0.00
PAASpan american silver corp0.037,167108,078reduced-49.36
PALLaberdeen standard physical palladium shares etf0.031,137106,332reduced-49.33
PANWpalo alto networks inc0.8912,1713,458,150reduced-9.33
PANWpalo alto networks inc0.22294840,143reduced-9.54
PARAparamount global class b com0.0030.00353new
PARAparamount global 5.75 percent conv pfd a0.000.000.00sold off-100
PCARpaccar inc0.000.000.00sold off-100
PCGpg&e corporation0.003465,799new
PEPpepsico inc1.2427,3774,791,270reduced-6.61
PFEpfizer inc0.045,519153,158reduced-1.27
PFGprincipal financial group inc0.031,392120,144unchanged0.00
PGprocter and gamble co0.225,307861,033reduced-77.2
PGRprogressive corp0.081,528316,021reduced-2.55
PHMpulte group inc0.0034.004,101unchanged0.00
PLTMgraniteshares platinum tr shs ben int0.0210,57893,510reduced-49.38
PMphilip morris intl inc0.0285478,243added18.12
PNCpnc financial services group inc0.419,8761,595,960reduced-74.12
POOLpool corp0.000.000.00sold off-100
POWWammo inc0.00330908new
PRIMprimoris services corp0.0030.001,277new
PRUprudential financial inc0.0384098,616added22.27
PSApublic storage inc0.516,7651,962,260reduced-67.7
PSECprospect cap corp0.712,7412,754,830reduced-3.99
PSNparsons corp del0.651,3592,505,360reduced-3.89
PWRquanta services0.071,023265,775reduced-51.15
PXDpioneer nat res co1.401,8945,424,700reduced-4.1
PXDpioneer natural resources co0.000.000.00sold off-100
PYPLpaypal holdings inc0.003.00201reduced-95.31
QCOMqualcomm inc0.0254291,761added12.92
QQQinvesco qqq trust0.211,804800,868added5,537
QRTEAqurate retail inc ser a0.00260320new
QRVOqorvo inc0.0018.002,067unchanged0.00
QSRrestaurant brands intl inc0.000.000.00sold off-100
RACEferrari nv0.0030.0013,078new
REGregency centers corp0.0025.001,514unchanged0.00
REGNregeneron pharmaceuticals0.0011.0010,587unchanged0.00
ROLrollins inc0.000.000.00sold off-100
RTXrtx corporation com1.0340,8793,986,970reduced-7.47
SAIAsaia inc0.000.000.00sold off-100
SBLKstar bulk carriers corp par0.0080.001,910new
SBUXstarbucks corp1.1448,2514,409,700reduced-4.94
SCCOsouthern copper corp0.103,791403,817reduced-48.69
SCHWcharles schwab corp0.074,025291,169unchanged0.00
SGOLaberdeen std gold etf tr physcl gold shs0.035,267111,871reduced-75.8
SHOPshopify inc cl a0.0020.001,543new
SHWsherwin williams co0.000.000.00sold off-100
SITEsiteone landscape supply inc0.000.000.00sold off-100
SLBschlumberger ltd0.000.000.00sold off-100
SMGscotts miracle-gro co cl a0.0021.001,580reduced-30.00
SNAsnap on inc0.0231994,494added28.63
SOsouthern co0.652,4682,517,210new
SOsouthern company0.052,600186,524reduced-2.77
SPGsimon ppty group inc0.041,015158,837added8.44
SPGIs&p global inc0.05462196,558reduced-5.52
SPHDinvesco ftse rafi emerging markets etf0.001.0019.00new
SPLKsplunk inc0.000.000.00sold off-100
SPOTspotify technology sa0.547,9772,105,130reduced-6.78
SPYspdr s&p 500 etf0.191,375719,221reduced-9.06
SQblock inc0.562,1182,167,450reduced-3.9
SQblock inc0.0020417,254new
STLDsteel dynamics inc1.8347,7597,079,320reduced-23.00
STWDstarwood ppty tr inc0.592,0922,290,050reduced-3.68
STZconstellation brands inc cl a0.008.002,041new
SWKstanley black & decker inc0.000.000.00sold off-100
SYKstryker corporation0.202,173777,652added0.74
Tat&t inc0.047,859138,316added89.37
TAPmolson coors brewing0.0029.001,950unchanged0.00
TCKRFteck resources ltd cl b0.043,794173,689reduced-51.36
TDCteradata corp0.0076.002,939new
TDYteledyne technologies inc0.000.000.00sold off-100
TELte connectivity ltd reg0.000.000.00sold off-100
TERteradyne inc0.000.000.00sold off-100
TGTtarget corp0.122,531448,498added4.07
THOthor industries inc0.000.000.00sold off-100
TJXtjx cos inc0.0013713,895reduced-23.46
TLRYtilray brands inc0.12195,656483,270new
TMOthermo fisher scientific inc0.0158.0033,710added222
TRVtravelers companies inc0.071,217280,080unchanged0.00
TSCOtractor supply co0.0048.0012,563added200
TSLAtesla inc0.5111,2681,980,800added63.95
TSMtaiwan semiconductor mfg ltd sp ads0.000.000.00sold off-100
TSNtyson foods inc cl a0.0029.001,678new
TTWOtake-two interactive software0.000.000.00sold off-100
TWOtwo harbors inventment corp0.722,8572,793,260reduced-3.74
TXNtexas instruments inc1.3630,3385,285,210reduced-20.83
TYLtyler technologies, inc.0.612,3532,372,940reduced-3.68
UBERuber technologies inc0.4623,3231,795,640reduced-0.36
UECuranium energy0.006004,050new
UGIugi corp unit 06/01/240.4630,5901,771,500added3.15
UNHunitedhealth group inc com0.09707349,753added35.18
UNLunited sts 12 month nat gas fd unit ben int0.000.000.00sold off-100
UNPunion pacific corp0.03438107,717added1,312
UPSunited parcel service inc cl b0.8321,5793,207,290reduced-11.57
USBus bancorp del0.021,66374,336added22.55
Vvisa inc cl a0.435,9091,649,080added18.77
VAWvanguard world fds inf tech etf0.04306160,448new
VAWvanguard world fds industrial etf0.0053.0012,940new
VEUvanguard ftse emerging markets etf0.076,684279,194new
VFCvf corp0.001,17217,978unchanged0.00
VICIvici properties inc0.067,155213,147added7.22
VIGvanguard specialized funds div app etf0.0245683,270new
VIGIvanguard whitehall fds high div yld0.0255867,512new
VIGIvanguard international high dividend yield etf0.0144530,616new
VOOvanguard growth etf0.06711244,726added5.18
VOOvanguard value etf0.0243270,356new
VOOvanguard small-cap value0.0010620,339new
VOOvanguard small-cap growth index fund0.000.000.00sold off-100
VRTXvertex pharmaceuticals inc0.242,253941,777added32,085
VTRventas inc0.021,77877,414unchanged0.00
VTRSviatris inc0.002192,615unchanged0.00
VXUSvanguard star funds tl int stock index0.000.000.00sold off-100
VZverizon communications inc0.065,443228,398added49.49
WBAwalgreens boots alliance inc0.011,94542,187unchanged0.00
WBDwarner brothers discovery inc ser a0.001,87516,369added87.13
WDCwestern digital corp. off-100
WECwec energy group inc0.031,424116,939reduced-2.26
WFCwells fargo co perp conv pfd a1.083,4814,202,420added5.17
WFCwells fargo co0.031,982114,877added4.15
WGOwinnebago inds inc0.000.000.00sold off-100
WMwaste management inc del0.0046.009,805new
WMBwilliams cos inc0.001224,754new
WMTwal-mart inc1.68107,9366,494,510reduced-6.41
WPMwheaton precious metals corp0.032,457115,798reduced-51.26
WSOwatsco inc0.000.000.00sold off-100
XLBfinancial select sector spdr fund0.011,31855,514new
XOMexxon mobile corp0.092,976345,930reduced-2.75
XYLxylem inc0.5616,6492,151,720reduced-8.54
ZBRAzebra technologies corporation cl a0.000.000.00sold off-100
ZTSzoetis inc cl a0.0048.008,103reduced-40.00
apollo global mgmt inc ser a mand cnv1.0865,0554,171,330reduced-3.76
jazz investments i ltd0.742,9162,883,850reduced-3.76
ppl cap funding inc0.642,5992,499,000new
bofa fin llc0.491,5001,910,000unchanged0.00
amg capital tr ii 5.15 conv pfd0.3224,0491,230,420reduced-3.45
nuveen muni tr high yield muni a0.1435,494531,345new
t rowe price cap apprec cap apprec i0.1010,339368,697new
mmkt obligs tr fh us trsuryinst0.08323,936323,936new
eaton vance atlanta capital smid-cap i0.033,044126,369new
pimco income fund0.0311,549122,416new
aristotle funds series trust strat income i20.0310,401109,006new
thornburg investment income builder fund0.034,138104,112new
ares capital corp0.024,49293,523added22.63
fidelity tr 500 index ins prem0.0248789,168new
chs inc red pfd ser3 clb0.023,00075,360unchanged0.00
berkshire hathaway inc del cl b new0.0217473,170unchanged0.00
janus inv fund global equity inm i0.0211,56471,929new
franklin ca tax free income ca tax free income a0.029,87667,846new
legg mason partners equity trust clbr div strat0.011,91859,515reduced-4.96
goldman sachs group inc d 1/10000.012,57258,976unchanged0.00
price t rowe health sciences f0.0158655,629new
ab bond fund inc income fund adviso0.018,32953,391new
dodge & cox stock fund0.0118447,375added2.22
t rowe price cap apprec0.011,28145,679new
lvmh moet hennessy louis vuitton adr0.0124143,628new
t rowe price intl funds inc global stock fund0.0157036,514new
nuveen muni cr opportunities fund0.013,30034,881new
nuveen dynamic muni opportuniti0.013,20034,848new
schwab charles family fund value advantage0.0132,19432,194reduced-83.92
franklin custodian funds dynatech adv0.0118729,976new
doubleline yield opportunities0.001,30020,722new
baron inv funds tr discovery inst0.0054215,889new
ge healthcare technologies inc common stock0.0015714,273unchanged0.00
t rowe price blue chip growth0.0079.0013,408new
janus inv fund hendrson forty i0.0024313,312new
fidelity investment trust emerg mkt0.0030511,478new
balanced pool0.0013711,033new
schwab capital trust fundamental us large co i0.003188,440unchanged0.00
federated hermes equity funds fh kaufman sm is0.001457,447new
baron inv funds tr opport fund inst0.001596,911new
price t rowe group inc ben int0.003326,006new
new world fund inc0.0073.005,772new
franklin custodian funds income fund a10.002,0114,726new
wk kellogg co0.002164,061unchanged0.00
nestle sa sp adr0.0025.002,655reduced-41.86
versus cap multi-mangr real estate i0.0073.001,826reduced-29.81
subaru corporation npv0.0050.001,153new
atco ltd cl 1 non vtg0.0040.001,116new
pimco corporate & income oppor com0.0072.001,063new
mercedes benz group ag reg shs0.0010.00797new
grayscale bitcoin tr btc shs0.0010.00632unchanged0.00
impala platinum holdings sp adr0.0050.00211new
baird funds inc inter bond inst0.0010.00105reduced-98.37
abiomed inc npv0.0031.0032.00new
angel oak funds tr multi str inst0.002.0017.00reduced-99.98
wasatch funds tr int opport inst0.000.000.00sold off-100
tributary funds inc sm inst0.000.000.00sold off-100
touchstone funds group tr mid cap fund cl r60.000.000.00sold off-100
touchstone snd emerg mkt gw r60.000.000.00sold off-100
tko group holdings inc cl a0.000.000.00sold off-100
t rowe price intl funds inc intl discovry fund0.000.000.00sold off-100
t rowe price mid cap growth fund0.000.000.00sold off-100
t rowe price div growth fund0.000.000.00sold off-100
prudential inv portfolio inc 17 pgim tr bond cl0.000.000.00sold off-100
prudential inv portfolios inc pigm jns growth z0.000.000.00sold off-100
mfs new dis val i0.000.000.00sold off-100
lord abbett inv tr total return fund i0.000.000.00sold off-100
longleaf partners funds tr intl fund0.000.000.00sold off-100
legg mason partners equity trust clrbrg appr cl0.000.000.00sold off-100
kenvue inc0.000.000.00sold off-100
jpmorgan i us equty fund i0.000.000.00sold off-100
wcm focused growth inst0.000.000.00sold off-100
hotchkis & wiley funds mid cap value i0.000.000.00sold off-100
harris assoc inv tr oakmark inst r60.000.000.00sold off-100
fiserv inc0.000.000.00sold off-100
financial invs tr os g&inc inst0.000.000.00sold off-100
fidelity inst cash portfolios mmkt cl i0.000.000.00sold off-100
fidelity adv inv grade i0.000.000.00sold off-100
federated total return ser in fh total return r60.000.000.00sold off-100